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About Angelfish Home

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Welcome to About Angelfish!about angelfish freshwater1 About Angelfish Home

For over 100 years, freshwater angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) have been a favorite freshwater tank fish. These Amazonian natives make an attractive showpiece to any home aquarium for their looks and personality. It also helps that breeding angelfish is relatively easy for the amateur and professional aquarist, making them easy to find and cheap to buy. After 100 years, angelfish breeders have also developed different color varieties and fin traits.

At About Angelfish you’ll learn facts about angelfish care from fish tank set up to breeding and natural history to help you expand your angelfish knowledge and get more involved in the freshwater angelfish hobby. This site also includes information about the scalare’s lesser known cousin the altum angel (Pterophyllum altum), a freshwater fish that’s no less striking but much more of a challenging tropical tank fish.